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# My background

I’ve been solving computer related problems since early age. Learning by doing. When I finished my studies at Lund University I started a business based in Ideon Science Park. There I worked as an IT Consultant, helping people and companies with various projects.

Right now I’m studying Information Systems Science at Gothenburg University and working part time in IT-infrastructure at Unibase.



# Pick me

Your organisationen needs a person that can communicate clearly and switch between roles to solve a problem creatively. One that feels comfortable in areas like modern Software Development, IT Support, and as an IT Educator.

Invite me to your team and I will bring all my knowledge and passion for IT, but also a healthy dose of humanism with me. That's just who I am.


# The beginning of something great

Andreas Winkler

Software Developer


# User review of Linux Scroll Speed Fix project

Source: Chrome Web Store

Well, this is a godsend... It's simple and customizable, and has sensible defaults!

Definitely recommend it! 

Thank you Andreas.

/Alexis Schapman


# Tech that make this site tick

ReactJS is an open-source, front end, JavaScript library.

GatsbyJS is a React-based, GraphQL powered, static site generator.

Contentful is the API-first content management platform.

Vercel is a cloud platform for static sites and Serverless Functions.

Me of course! Check out my GitHub for the code. :)

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